Soccer Training


Our flagship program! These training classes blend sport-specific mental skills in a high-intensity soccer training environment. We focus on confidence, risk-taking, response to failure, focus, decision-making, and more. Our goal is to bring out what your player is holding back.


Trying to get to the next level? Let The Sharpened Athlete help you get there. We offer personal soccer training for players of all levels. Training sessions are individualized and based on the needs of each player. Multiple session packages are available at discounted rates on our specialized programs below.

Group Training

Small-group sessions take the needs of each individual player and blend them into a high-intensity environment. Join one of our existing groups, or bring your friends and begin a new group!


We offer team training packages that are 90-120 minutes in length per session. Our coaches are highly-experienced and have their licenses through USC, USSF or UEFA. Contact us for more details.

Mental Skills


Group sessions are designed to meet the needs of the team as a whole. Focusing on team building, goal-setting, understanding roles within the team, and communication.


Club and organization consulting focuses on workshops that meet the needs of your organization in a fun and engaging environment. This can include parent workshops, how to incorporate mental skills training into your club, curriculum consultation, and coaching education workshops.


Coaching sessions focus on how to foster a team environment that is communicative, collaborative, and united. When a team is unified they are better equipped to persevere in challenging situations leading to long-term success. These sessions will also provide coaches with mental strategies and skills that they can take back to their teams to implement.


The combination training is designed for players who are looking to improve both their physical and mental game. Players who train both physically and mentally are able to perform at a higher level with more consistency.

Sports Vision Training

Senaptec™ Sensory Training

The Senaptec Sensory Training Package allows us to assess: Visual Clarity, Contrast Sensitivity, Depth Perception, Near- Far Quickness Perception Span, Reaction Time, and Multiple Object Tracking. Athletes will get a full sensory performance report, which shows strengths, areas of improvement, and create a training plan to improve these areas. We partner this training with The Senaptec Strobe Glasses which is designed to train the connections between an individual’s eyes, brain, and body, using liquid crystal technology.


Sport Specific Training Enhanced Reaction and Response Time Improved speed, agility, stamina, conditioning, coordination and visual cognitive processing functions. Sports Performance Analysis.

Vision and Awareness Package

One of the most popular areas that club coaches want their players to improve is their speed of play. This package focuses on enhancing speed of play through scanning, movement off the ball, keeping your head up under pressure, concentration and decision-making.


Having trouble getting a group together for training? Contact us to get involved with an existing group that is already going on that you can be added to.